Our  corporate mission  is  to  share this with  partners  as  well  as  with  customers.

SPES  aims to  grow  with  the  partners  as well as customers in the quest to make people more look healthier and more beautiful.

The HAU Hairpack was released in 2017 January and with continuous product development, we have 6 hair care products and 2 skin care products. We are exporting to 11 countries like the US, Russia, Canada, Indonesia, Qatar, UK, Guatemala and other countries. For increasing export, our company was awarded the SMEs and Startups Ministry Award in 2018. In 2019, Spes was identified as an Export potential Company by the City of Seoul. And finally, we

are a certified Venture Company too. We have many certifications that we registered, and we are growing into an Export focused company at present. We hope to expand our business as well as our relations with partners and customers.

Dian was a woman who struggled with her hair, and was incredibly frustrated with the lack of quality hair products on the market. She asked herself “what does a woman want? She wants to look beautiful at any age.” Dian created the HAU Hair Pack, which promoted beauty with healing the overall condition of all hair types. She wanted to help people everywhere achieve healthier hair at home, making women of all ages feel better about their hair!



A happy company that will grow with customers 

so they can contribute in the future together.


Partners that will make Happiness, 

Beauty and Sharing together.