The HAU Hairpack is a professional hair care system that anyone can easily do at home.

Rich in natural ingredients like snow fungus, Jojoba seed oil, Camellia oil etc., this forms the high concentrated hairpack that makes it good for damaged hair repair from perm, color, bleach treatments and UV damage. Everyone will be able to experience healthy and shiny hair. Hair nutrients in a cap is makes it easy to use while doing other things such as cleaning, washing dishes or other forms of work. This is what makes this product convenient.



Unlike other shampoos, the base of this shampoo is 38.7% mango water. Experience the mango effect, high antioxidant activity in a shampoo! Being 97% natural, this can be used by children 2 years and older. So, the whole family can use this product. 

Natural Shampoos are considered to not have a lot of bubbles but the HAU Mango Shampoo has creamy and small bubbles so that it can clean the scalp and hair thoroughly. This product is a mild but effective washing agent with a pH of 5.5.


The HAU Premium Hair Serum is for people who want to take care of their hair daily and who can’t use the hairpack because they don’t have time. To have results in a short usage time, we enriched more protein in the HAU Hairpack Serum so that you can experience the nourishment in damaged hair. The most significant difference is that this can be used on scalp and hair. It can be used like a conditioner or a conventional hair serum. The HAU Premium Hair Serum is not just a coating product. It is a high concentrated nutrient serum so you will experience your hair becoming healthier as you use this product.



This is 99% Natural, using Irish Moss extract and Chitosan extract as the mail ingredients. The main target is micro-dust removal and anti-dandruff improvement. Having Lavender oil, tea tree oil and other natural oils, the Care Complete Clean Green Shampoo will soften and nourish your hair. Damaged and dry hair from perm, color, and bleach treatments or in dry climates make this shampoo the perfect choice!



Care Complete Hair Nutrition Serum unique because it can be used like a conditioner or hair serum, but it can also be applied on the scalp as well. Black Therapy, Phyto protein, Coconut oil and various traditional extracts are the core ingredients that make this blend very special. 

It is said in Korea that black food(Black rice, Black sesame and Black soy bean extract) strengthens your hair and makes it healthier. Phyto protein(Hydrolyzed corn, Soy protein, Wheat Protein) supplies the building blocks that will help regenerate the cuticle damages. Last but not least, Coconut oil and various traditional extracts nourish and protect the hair. Just 3 times a week will help you have better and more healthy hair.



The snow ampoule hairpack is one of the most concentrated and effective way to revive damaged hair. With patented haircap and elegant fit, you will experience the comfort and the convenience of once you wear the hairpack. Made of skin care ingredients that are 98% natural and pH 5.5, our special blend of active ingredients like the Snow Fungus, western and eastern oils like Argan oil, Jojoba oil and Camelia oil, hydrolyzed Keratin and many traditional Korean herbal extracts will nourish even the damages that make you want to give up on your hair. Try HAU’s natural hair transformation tool on you and see what happens!